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Vampire Academy
The Indigo Spell
Shadow Kiss
Last Sacrifice
Spirit Bound
Blood Promise
Ender's Game

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#46 Illuminae Rant Review


Currently accepting only physical copies and audiobooks!

Any other request sent to me will be deleted.

If you wish to send me a review copy contact me via email after reading this policy. I publish my review on this blog and in video format on my BookTube channel

However I will accept other service requests, which are also free. Check out the "Author Services" page in the menu above.

First of all I want to make it clear that I don't get paid for reviews, I don't take money for it. My reviews will be honest though.
I accept e-formats of books only that are considered indie or self-published. If the novel is traditionally published I can accept the request only if you agree to provide a physical copy.

So I don't have any actual guidelines, I read anything you'll give me, doesn't mean I'll finish it though. On this page I'll give you an idea of what I really love in books and what I really never read.

If you want me to read and review your book please send me an email with the title "Review Request - Book Title". IMPORTANT: If that email will not have the name of the book in the title or lack anything of the following I will delete it:

  • Author
  • Book Title
  • Genre
  • Page count
  • Goodreads link to the book and author (if there is any)
  • Cover
  • Book Blurb
  • PDF AND epub formats of the book

 I will also delete multiple requests that are sent by one person, so if you want more than one book to be reviewed, keep in mind that I accept only one email. So place all your book titles in one email.

I'm quite a slow reader and if your book has more than 500 pages - I'll probably have a lot of work to do.
What will happen when you send out a Review Request?

  1. I'll answer with an email to notify you if I'll accept your request or not
  2. As soon as I'm done reading I'll email you a second time letting you know that I finished your book, which means your review should be done soon.
  3. If I won't like the book I will write to you a third time with my review already written and that's when you can choose between having this review on your goodreads page or not. It really depends if I didn't like the book because it's crappy, or simply because it's not my type of story.
I post reviews on my blog, my BookTube channel, Goodreads and I can also post a review on Kobo if you so desire. Sadly I cannot write reviews on Amazon. It just doesn't work in Kazakhstan. So please keep that in mind when you ask me for a review.

My email: ally.k.0kay@gmail.com

My rating system:

I have the standard 5 star rating system (with some exceptions, I might add half a star here and there):
★★★★★ - I loved it, it's perfect and has absolutely NO flaws. (if it has, then the book was so good that it didn't matter)
★★★★ - I liked it, but it could be even better.
★★★ - It was okay. Could be better. Probably just not my type of book.
★★ - Meh. I either didn't like the story, the writing or that book is simply not for me.
- It was awful, but I still managed to finish it.
DNF - this speaks for itself.



  • YA/NA/Adult
  • ANYTHING Romance
  • Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
  • Sci-Fi


Anything really, even Erotica, although I rarely find them good, I might enjoy some parts, but mostly I'll laugh, but I do finish those books, seeing that they're usually short.
So keep that in mind if you'll send me something steamy. If it's just erotica for the sake of erotica - I probably won't like it, unless you're born to write porn and have a real damn talent for it. I like stories in which the characters grow, you know?
I'm willing to give any book a chance as long as it's fiction. I don't read non-fiction at all.


  • Non-Fiction
  • Western Novels
  • Religious Books (I'm an atheist, I hate it when people try to get that religion down my throat)
  • Stupid Cliche Zombie Books



  • Vampires
  • Forbidden love
  • Action
  • Beautiful views (may it be a room or a landscape, I love having a pretty picture in my head)
  • Billionaire MC's and fun sidekicks


  • Again, religion
  • Too stupid main characters
  • When my favorite character dies (and doesn't resurrect)
  • Cliche Zombies

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