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Vampire Academy
The Indigo Spell
Shadow Kiss
Last Sacrifice
Spirit Bound
Blood Promise
Ender's Game

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#46 Illuminae Rant Review


Hello and a warm welcome to the one who's reading this.

My name is Ally, I'm a student, part-time technical translator and a first time published author. Now I'm also a newbie blogger and book reviewer.


  • I love to write poetry, but do so only when I have the time, inspiration or I'm just in the mood for trying out a new contest on AllPoetry
  • I love photography, I usually take photos of landscapes and nature in general, but sometimes on a friends request I also do people. I have a 500px account where you can find some of my work.
  • I love to write. As I already said, I'm an author, I'm not doing this for the money and stuff, I just enjoy creating a new story, new characters, make them grow. It's like taking care of a garden, you make it grow and in the end it might even give you a fruit, or you'll find a little flower finally getting out, there in the green grass.
  • I love to read. Even though I haven't read a lot in my life, I still enjoy some quiet time with a book in my hands, or falling asleep with it and taking the story with me into my dreams. It's awesome.
  • I also have a really bad hobby, more of a bad habit actually, so let's call it a hobit. I play video games. I actually constantly play only one game - Dota 2. But when I was forced into playing Mass Effect 2 - I couldn't stop. So I got myself the first and last games and I loved everything about it. Besides that, I also played World of Warcraft for, like 5 years, but then stopped because... well I have my reasons, 'kay? But I still loved WoW too and I would love to get back to it if I'll have the time and money.


So I was born on the 23 of April, 1997, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I don't remember anything from that place, because I was too little to have any memory of it, and seeing that my memory is really BAD I don't remember much from most of my childhood.
When I was 3 years old my family and I moved to Bonn in Germany, where I lived for 11 years. Because of that I fluently speak German and English, with Russian being my native language (doesn't really mean that I know it better than English). I still went to a Russian school, which was one of the two in Germany.
In 2011 we moved to Almaty in Kazakhstan, where I currently reside. I finished 11 school years here (yeah in the Russian system we have 11 school years), and am currently on my second year in university.
So yeah, that's probably it.

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, you can click on the "contact me" button above and I'll get back to you.

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