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#46 Illuminae Rant Review

Thursday, 17 May 2018

#53 REVIEW | The Legend of Dollaretta: La Vie en Rouge by Cherry Gunzenhauser

I'm finally back with new reviews I should have done since fucking February! FEBRUARY!!! I know, I have no shame, I'm sorry, but I'm doing it now, and I'm catching up with everything, right now I'll just do the written reviews and then add the video reviews later when I get to filming those. Right now I just can't find the fucking time, I'm sorry. So, here we go, today I have a wonderful graphic novel for you - The Legend of Dollaretta: La Vie en Rouge by Cherry Gunzenhauser.

The Legend of Dollaretta: La Vie en Rouge 


The 17-year-old (vampire) Demi Chevalier is angry, fed-up and socially indifferent, yet she has accepted that Elizabeth Rose Convent will be her home for the next two years. She anticipates many hindrances but does not expect her curiosity to be so deeply ignited by what she is told of the Convent's infamous legend of Dollaretta. 
According to the legend, those who speak of Dollaretta will find themselves fated to peril, and incidentally, the first student to tell Demi about the legend finds herself in a grave situation. Demi refuses to acknowledge the strange coincidence, although there is a part of her that begins to feel a deep-rooted sense of paranoia. For the next few weeks Demi experiences vivid nightmares about the legend then as if to test her better judgment, she is confronted by a student who is convinced that the legend is real. Despite the eerie and suggestive nature of Demi's nightmares, she tries to tell herself that paranoia is to be expected under the given circumstances. 
The girls in the dormitory (Kea, June, Lorain, and Angelica) begin to notice Demi's strange fascination with the dead student, but they're unaware that Demi is convinced that the murderous and mythical vampiress (Dollaretta) is very much real and haunting the convent.

The Illustrations

Okay, so I really liked the illustrations. They were simple and easy, they had a somewhat "manga" style /ish feel to them and seeing that that's the only style I myself can draw at least a little bit, I had to appreciate that, lol. But seriously, if you don't like manga or graphic novels, or simple illustrations, better keep your hands off this one, you probably won't like it. I myself loved the technique, the characters, again the simplicity of how everything looked. I liked that it was black&white it gave the story its own feel, which you'll understand if you read it. There's this vibe you get from this novel, I don't really know how to explain it, yet it did its artistic job in getting a reaction from me.
A big thumbs up for the chapter pages, they were awesome, I mean it's been what? Almost 5 months since I read it? And I still remember almost everything! I'll come back to that later.

The Plot

I loved the plot! Here's why:
  • it has vampires in it (you know me, I'm a sucker for a good vampire novel)
  • it's paced very nicely, I really didn't see the end until I finished the story and was like "What the fuck? That's it? I want MORE!" *wink at the author who hopefully will give me the next ARC soon?*
  • very interesting story overall, quite original, has a mythical feel to it which I do appreciate very much. I loved the twists and turns and how everything unfolded, yet I have to complain at least a little - it's too short! :D
  • this story is very memorable and I always seek that in books, I don’t like to read and then forget everything, I mean where’s the point in that, right? Yet this story still stays in my mind almost as if I read it a week ago. I don’t remember it by heart, though I do temember some pages and most of the story. That’s a big plus for the plot!

The Characters

I won't name the characters this time, I just don't know what to say about most of them. I do know that the main character was making me feel very conflicted, seeing that sometimes I understood her and her actions, other times I was really annoyed by her. And still I can't say anything bad in this section either, it's probably not the strongest part of the book, yet still good enough for me to like them and the story.

All in All

This graphic novel deserves 5 stars! I loved it and I definitely recommend it to everyone who thinks it might interest them. It's a creepy story, very mystical, very intriguing, with a cliffhanger at the end. I WARNED YOU, THERE'S A CLIFFHANGER, SO DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT WHEN YOU READ IT! It's worth it though, lol.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

#52 Rapid Fire Book Tag

I know I promised reviews, and I'm getting there, will be filming those today and writing out the posts, so stay tuned for those! But today I have another book tag for you ;)

Thursday, 26 April 2018

#51 I'm Back!

I'm back now with two new birthday videos, hope you'll like it. A lot of reviews are coming, so... PREPARE ^^

Friday, 20 April 2018

#50 Update

Hey, guys. I want to apologize for my absence lately, I've been ill and am recovering now, it's nothing serious, well, a bit maybe. Anyways, I'm okay, I hope you all are too, I will be returning with new videos and reviews soon. Thank you all for your patience.

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Monday, 9 April 2018

#49 Good News Everyone!

I have finally created an Instagram profile! We're on Bookstagram now too! Hope you guys will check it out and enjoy what I have for now. Little note: there are books, pretty things and my cat, Sir Muffin!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

#47 Created Another Original Tag

If you're not a BookTuber, but a book blogger and like this tag, you can definitely do it! Here are the questions:
1. What books remind you of this weather and which book do you like to read in that weather the most?
- Rainy
- Hot and sunny
- Snowy
- Cloudy and grey
- Windy
2. What is your favourite weather?
3. What is your favourite reading weather?
4. Who do you tag?